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18 in 1 For salon 2018 Professional multifunction facial beauty machine

18 in 1  multifunction facial beauty machine
18 in 1  multifunction facial beauty machine
facial beauty machine
High Quality 18 In 1
Facial Beauty Equipment,Multifunctional Equipment
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Product Name : 18 in 1 For salon 2018 Professional multifunction facial beauty machine
Product ID : DIY1001

18 in 1 For salon 2018 Professional multifunction facial beauty machine 

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 Function1: high frequency


1). Accelerate the blood circulation, strengthen lymph action, supply nutrition to skin, get ride of toxic substance. 
2). Speed circulation of cell metabolism, help skin breaths and excretes. 
3). Bring heat to skin fibre, improve skin condition, help nutrition go into the skin 
4). To sterilize and diminish inflammation, promote the wound to heal up, and strengthen skin immunity. 

Function2: ultrasonic


1). The ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged area. 
2). Because of its massage effect, it helps the skin to absorb nutritions. 
3). It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the metabolism. 
4). It dissolves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption, causes to discompose the agglomerated excessive water and fat, improve the situation of lower blepharoplasty and dark circles 
5). It heals acne skin.

Function3: galvanic


Galvanic enhances the ability of active molecules to penetrate the skin surface. Its benefits are wide and far-reaching: it increases the skinsabsorption capacity, it minimizes wrinkles and it normalizes skin. 
Electronegative & positive charge and hydronium are in use of a kind of concatenation & safety to conducting in & out. 
Deep penetration of active Substances with special appliance for iontophoresis and desincrustaion.

Function4: face brush

Making use of the rotary brush with high speed for scrub both on face and body to improve the skin by removing spot, wrinkles and aged surface. 
Because it's different from the medical treatment, as this rotary brush with accessories can offer you for gentle exfoliation and delicate stimulation in a safer way, which will give your client a radiant complexion with no harm to the skin. 

Function5 and 6: vaccum and spray


When air pump working, it can use vacuum to suck out the dirty things in the skin. The air pump make strong air circulation, connect the spray bottle to the vent hole, then can spray cosmetic water. We can adjust the vacuumintensity according to specific situation. 

Function7 and 10:  hot steamer, UV, herbal, fragrance


1). Accelerate blood circulation and support cell water. 
2). Expand pore and deeply clean. 
3). Remove aging horniness and grime. 
4). Steam with UV, diminish inflammation and sterilize wound.

5). Improve skin metabolism and rejuvenation epidermis cell. 
6). Steam with herbal can curing skin problem

7). Steam with fragrance

Function11: woods lamp


An advanced way to analyze skin is by using a skin scope. Backed by the technology of facial topography, this skin scope can analyze skin condition and detect and interpret skin 
problems. It has the ability to identify skin types that co-exists on an individual's face. Skin diseases and problems can be easily detected using a skin scope. Uses black light to 
illuminate imperfections and dryness in the client's skin. This machine is able to examine skin in minutes.

Function12: magnifying lamp


Easy to move and position, the Magnifying Lamp includes a superior refractive magnifier and a built-in illumination system that allows you to examine skin with great detail.


Function13: Diamond Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion exfoliate the top layer of the skin by using genuine diamond crystals at the tip to gently sand the skin while simultaneously sloughing off the dead skin cells in a sterile and controlled manner. Unlike the traditional microdermabrasion, Diamond Head does not use loose crystals or other abrasives that may cause irritation and skin reaction. Rather, this innovative device offers hypoallergenic treatment using diamond crystals to perform a customized exfoliation treatment for each area of your skin. After just one treatment you will already begin to experience softer, smoother, cleaner skin. When used regularly, this system works wonderfully on all skin types can be used on the face, neck, decollate or the entire body for a youthful, polished appearance. You will notice immediate visible results. 


Functon14: Skin scrubber

Ultrasonic skin scrubber is most popular for beauticians among all kinds of beauty instruments. Trials for long period ensure its outstanding effect on facial care. It shifts electric vibration with 28000 times per second to mechanical vibration with 28000 times per second. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massage as well as cleansing. Meanwhile deep cells get excited. It can effectively remove spots, wrinkles, pimples, horniness layer and residue in pores so that your skin looks white, purified and elastic.



Function15&16: Cold and hot hammer


Cold & Hot Hammer is designed and produced by latest high technology, which accompanied with hairdressing arising in 2000. It is produced on the basis of medical mechanism thus to be reliable and safe. With its functions as cooling, skin-lift, cell-rejuvenation, blood circulation, pain relief, etc., air vibrating can excrete body rubbish and fat. The frequency of 1 million times per second leads to whiten, soft and smooth skin and the slimmer stature. Cold & Hot Hammer gains recognition of most professionals and it is an gentle move .Do not apply the treatment around eye area.

Function17&18: Tool sterilize and towel sterilize


UV cabinet sterilizes by UV ray. Ionization generated by ultraviolet light emitted by sterilization lumious tube and oxygen in the air makes ozone, which can effectively eliminate bacillus coli, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subilis, and black spores. Variation of towel and other facial beautification tools which are not high temperature resistant.




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1. Continuous wave: this kind of wave is continuous and the
intensity is fixed. This kind of wave is uniform and the effection
of heat is obvious.
2. Pulse wave: this kind of wave is intermittent. The time of
pulsing is very short.
The ultrasonic function is suitable for any problem skin nature,
with a simple and easy operation, it is the common instrument
among esthetical professionals.
The ultrasonic functions can help the human body absorb the
supersonic, transfer the sound energy into heat energy. It
provides stimulation for human skin, accelerates the
metabolism, circulates the blood and lymphatic, activates the
deep inside cell and improves the defense system.

1. The ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged

2. Because of its massage effect, it helps the skin to absorb
3. It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the
4. It dissolves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption,
causes to discompose the agglomerated excessive water
and fat, improve the situation of lower blepharoplasty and
dark circles
5. It heals acne skin.

The high frequency electrotherapy 

multifunctional beauty machine (3).png

is an important beauty
instrument.It is through the glass electrode tube to provide high
frequency current,and apply to the face,thus achieves the
treatment result.

1. Accelerate blood circulation
2. Improve metabolism to help the skin breath.
3. Enhance the permeabili

Working principle and functions of skin scrubber

multifunctional beauty machine (5).png

Supersonic skin scrubber is most popular with beauticians
among multiple instruments. Trials for long period ensure its
outstanding effect on facial care. Penetration effect of ultrasonic
gives skin massage as well as cleansing. Meanwhile deep cells
get excited. With skin-care products. It can effectively remove
spots, wrinkles, pimples, horniness layer and residue in pores so
that your skin looks white, purified and elastic.

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