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European style vichy shower table / vichy spa rain shower on sales with CE

Vichy Shower Manufacturers
Vichy Shower Manufacturers
Vichy Shower Manufacturers
Vichy Shower
Product Name : European style vichy shower table / vichy spa rain shower on sales with CE
Product ID : MX-S1

 European style vichy shower table / vichy spa rain shower on sales with CE

Water massage

Vicky shower


manufacturer with CE approval
OEM/ODM Service 

  Computerized Vichy Shower based on Italian advanced technology of High-Pressure Water-Fluctuation,
 combined High-pressure fluctuating Spa with high-tech energy phototherapy,which can make the essential 
oil as well as marine mineral mud act on deep tissue to get the effect of activating cells ,improving blood 
circulation ,accelerating metabolism  as well as oxygen content, lymphatic detoxification,slimming 
,reshaping , and fitness.also it has good effect in inhibiting the generation of the pimple and 
blemishes,improving the dark skin.

 SPA machine: 

1. Beneficial elements in water can be absorbed by body through SPA, heat energy, kinetic energy, 

molecular energy which are created from water flow act on deep tissue to massage the skin ,which 

be called hydrodynamical massage .

2. Benefited from the hypertonicity of hydrodynamical massage,the heat and pressure are be delivered 

into the deep tissue and spread around ,then ease the nerves, revive and refresh

3. One feature of hydrodynamical massage is high frequency, different frequencies massage different 

body sites,which is called Three – Dimensional Massage

4. Another feature of hydrodynamical massage is its wide massaging coverage.hydrodynamical massage 

has these functions: dredging the meridian, speeding up the blood return, improving the blood supply,

 promoting gastric peristalsis,easing constipation,easing pain ,accelerating constriction of slack 

muscles, Improving the rough skin, enhancing skin elasticity, improving the situation of lower

 blepharoplasty and dark circles, improving the metabolism ,slimming and cultivating your mind.

 The advantages of the hydrodynamical massage against traditionary massage as follows: uniform 

intensity of hydrodynamical massage prevents damaging nerves and blood vessels ,you can relax and 

have a rest during the treatment 

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The vicky showering equipment with computer control,combined with advanced high pressure wavy 

hydrotherapy as well as the high-tech color light,makes full use of the essence oil of water and ocean minerals to have great effects on

 deeper inner tissues,stimulating and activating the cells,improving the blood circulation and lymphatic 

circulation,relieving the stress and fatigue,removing the toxin and improving the metabolism and oxygen 

absorption,the acnes and spots,making your skin silky smooth and watery transparent.


1.The hydrotherapy is used to stimulate or reinforce the curative effects with cold,hot water or both of

 them.The intensive alternating stimulation on blood circulation and lymphatic circulation can revitalize

 the cells,absorb the effective elements of water and at the same time bring the thermal energy,kinetic 

energy as well as the molecular radioactive energy into the deeper tissues.


2.The hydraulic massage has high penetration with changing rhythm and directions.It conveys the heat and pressure of water into the deeper inner tissues and spreads it out,relieving the nerves and fatigue,developing muscles,making you refreshed and revitalized.


3.The hydraulic massage has a wide range of effects on smoothing the Channels,improving the blood 

circulation,relieving the fatigue and tiredness,stimulating the gastric peristalsis and recovering the 

elasticity of the skin;improving the metabolism as well as the immunity,different from other ways,the 

hydraulic massage can’t damage the inner tissues,nerves and blood vessels due to the well-

distributed pressure of the hydrotherapy on your body.You can enjoy the relaxing massage physically 

and mentally.


Voltage  : 220/110V

Power:  150W

Material : Acrylic+glass fiber reinforced plastic

Main function : Vichy shower,Shower head clean,Massage table,Health care physical therapy,Rchabilitation therapy ect.

Indutsry: beauty salon,skin care center,clinic with Health care physical therapy

Packaging standard: Factory standard,products are packed by standard export carton or according to customers requirements

Product size : 236X120X190CM

Package size : 228X123X53CM, Total volume:2cube

Brand OEM and ODM are available,and we can made the LOGO,that the customers supply

Mini order One uint


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